Top Reasons to buy a Property in Spain.

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Making the dream a reality. Buy Property in Spain.

Living the dream

Brilliant blue sky

We all know the American Dream but what about the Spanish dream?  The American one gave all hope with its ideals of equality and freedom. Well, I know that I am moving closer to fulfilling my Spanish dream. This dream means my personal freedom and happiness rather than a grey and colourless one.

Dreams can become a reality. But sometimes, as the cliché goes, you have to take a plunge. A life without risk maybe safe but it would be incredibly dull!  Therefore, I am going to live in a place which values sleep, doesn’t work to a perpetual schedule and is bathed in sunshine. In fact, I am going to be nourished by tiny plates of food and celebrate rarely paying over 2.50€ for a glass of red (and often much less).

The dream plan:

Firstly, I have decided my exit date. Funnily enough Brexit has helped to guide my diary. As the politicians seem incapable of giving any firm ideas as to the rules post Brexit, seems safer to go before. However, I suspect that even after Brexit, Spain and UK will work something out. Well, I really hope so!
Now I have my date, this dream plan just got serious.

A date with Spain

Like with any date I’ve ever been on, especially when I’m excited or interested, I get myself date ready. On my list of pre date preparations are:

Property For Sale in Spain. | SpainForSale.Properties.

Property For Sale in Spain. | SpainForSale.Properties.

• Where to live. Location and property.
• What to live on? Jobs as well as tapas.
• What to bring, what to sell, what to throw away.
• How to deal with Spanish paperwork and stay sane

In fact, do not get bogged down with lists.  Simply, focus on just going there.  Remember the ultimate goal is a relaxing life in Spain.

Embrace others…twice…on the cheek

Spain is a very passionate place. People are friendly, and knowledgeable. The best advice I have had is from people who have already followed their dream to Spain. Such as rent first before committing to anywhere. Sometimes, you will visit a government office.  Remember to take snacks and every form of paperwork you have ever owned. It will not be enough. Luckily, I already possess a NIE from my last time there.

The British way is steely stoicism with no direct eye contact. Thankfully, this is not the Spanish way. Kiss twice to almost everyone you meet. This can cause moments of discomfort for the average Brit but it has to be done.

Remember, if you get olive oil on a dress in a bar, several Spanish grandmas will physically manhandle you and argue the method of treatment. Phone numbers are offered liberally with honest and open offers of assistance. Stranger danger is there, of course.  Spain is a real place, not a dream. However, there is a sense of openness in Spain that’s certainly not British. So get your lips puckered and embrace a Spanish life.

If you can dream it, you can do it.

Dreams need determination, graft and action to become reality. Or they stay as dreams. I’m lucky. Furthermore, I’ve made great friends during my explorations.

Finally, this dream can not work unless I do. And work I will.  This type of work is no chore.  Ultimately, I want to live out the last 25% of my life in a place where everyone, regardless of age, can dance in the streets. Simply, I want to wake up to blue skies and sunshine. Spain is my dream and my reality.

SpainForSale.Properties´s 10 main Reasons To Buy a Property in Marbella, Spain:

1. Marbella has the perfect Location – in the center of the Costa del Sol, with the best connections (train, plane & car) to the rest of Spain and the World. In a couple of hours you could go to Sevilla, Sierra Nevada or Paris.
2. Marbella has the best Weather in the world. Marbella is sunny for more than 300 days every year. Enjoying a rare micro-climate. Tucked between the mountains and the Mediterranean Sea.  Marbella has cooler Summers and warmer Winters than its neighbours on Spain´s Costa del Sol.
3. Great Quality of Life & Luxury lifestyle in Marbella. Wonderful hotels, great bars, clubs and dinning. Marbella offers an infinite number of fun glamurous venues in an international enviroment.
4. Things to do on the Costa del Sol. – A wide range of the best Golf courses (Costa del Golf), tennis, padel, horse riding, sailing, scuba diving,.. or partying are just a few of many activities that Marbella offers for adults as well as for kids. You can visit many places in one day trip: Ronda, Sevilla, Cordoba, Malaga, Tarifa… or even Marocco.
5. Cost of living in Spain is low. The cost of living in Spain is lower than in most of Europe. The property prices have dipped to pre-recession, there are many Spanish Cheap Properties For Sale. If you are in the UK or outside the Euro Zone, your dream home in the sun will cost you substancially less with the sterling exchange rate.
6. Accessibility / Connections #Marbella. With 3 airports (Malaga, Sevilla, Gibraltar) within a short drive, an high-speed rail service and a modern motorway network, the Costa del Sol boasts one of the best travel networks on the Mediterranean.
7. Spain has a Good Healthcare system. Public and private healthcare system in Spain is very demanded. The hospitals of Southern Spain are exceptional, both state and private owned. Well-trained nurses, doctors and medical staff have access to state-of-the-art equipment throughout, making your hospital-going experience as pleasant, professional and swift as possible.
8. Marbella has a good bunch of very recognized english and international schools with access to Universities all-over-the-world for the right education for your children. In Marbella there is also, Universities where you could study a Master Degre
9. Quality and variety of the Real Estate in Marbella offers value for price in quality, size and finished of its homes for the prices. There is a wide, well priced variety of homes to offer: from first line beach to front line golf or mountainside. Properties locations to suit all the tastes.
10. Unparalleeled Investment – Marbella is a Well-Known brand Worldwide. The city has been very popular for long time and will remain so. Real Estate is a solid long-term investment. It has a high return on investment (ROI) for both the professionals and the private investors. In addition, inmigrants could get the Golden Visa buying the right property.


Please, feel free to Buy a Property in Spain, and  Welcome to #MARBELLA, Welcome to #PARADISE.   @SpainForSale.Properties


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