Real estate websites of Spanish banks.

The main Spanish entities still have more than 150,000 assets in their portfolio. Within its offer you can find houses, apartments, townhouses, offices, plots of land and logistics warehouses for sale or rent, and both new and second-hand. To find out what the banks offer and at what price, we must enter the real estate websites of Spanish banks, such as Solvia (Banco Sabadell), Haya (Bankia), Aliseda (Popular), Servihabitat (Caixabank), BBVA Vivienda (BBVA) or Altamira (Santander) List of properties for sale direct from the banks, without intermediaries or go to to the search engine created ad hoc by SpainForSale.Properties: Bank properties.

Bank repossessed property websites | SpainForSale.Properties.

Bank repossessed property websites | SpainForSale.Properties.

Despite the fact that the financial sector no longer applies such aggressive reductions on the price of houses as in previous years, interesting offers can still be found. Above all, in holiday homes (where a large part of the bank’s real estate stock is concentrated), although there are also in big cities. In some cases there are discounts of more than 50%.

The real estate web of each bank.

The banks have gradually become the largest estate agents in Spain, against their will, because of repossessions. Most banks have complete, property websites. In addition to SpainForSale.Properties’s specific channel to search for properties in the hands of banks, you can also find properties on the specific website of each financial institution. These are their names and their corresponding addresses:

Banco Santander: Altamira Inmuebles    /

BBVA: BBVA Vivienda

Popular: Aliseda Inmobiliaria

Caixabank: Servihabitat

Bankia: Haya

Banco Sabadell: Solvia

Bankinter: Bankinter

Grupo BMN: BMN Viviendas

Kutxabank: Kutxabank Inmibiliaria

Unicaja: Unicaja Inmuebles

Caja España Duero: Giasa Inversiones

Ibercaja: Portal Inmobiliario Grupo Ibercaja

Liberbank: Liberbank Viviendas

Abanca: Ecogecasa

Apart from these real estate websites of Spanish banks. You can also check the Spanish bad bank, called SAREB, which groups listings from many of the websites above.

However, for many years, it has been a rumor that you can buy bank repossessions for rock bottom. This has led some buyers to believe they can get amazingly cheap deals on these properties and good deals are not possible on resales properties, but banks are too clever to give away properties at far below market value, even when they are in a very bad condition. There are many excellent deals available when buying a property, and sometimes you can buy a cheap resale property when owners wish to sell their properties very quickly. So it is just a question of working with the right Real Estate Agency, and here is SpainForSale.Properties to help you buy your dream home in Spain.

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