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SpainForSale.Properties offers comprehensive appraisal and appraisal services. This department offers the following types of jobs:

1. Formal appraisals and appraisals, carried out by fully qualified members and registered with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveys (RICS) (Note: Spanish banks and institutions require the report of a Technical Architect (Surveyor). Local banks do not accept reports made by RICS).

2. David Fernandez Portillo is the professional in the company in charge of conducting formal market valuations. It is qualified and registered with the Professional Association of Intermediaries in Promotions of Buildings (GIPE). David can offer these services in both Spanish and English.

3. Technical and Building Expertise is performed by members of RICS in the event that it is required in English, and if required in Spanish, will be performed by appropriate professionals.

Our team has relationships with numerous private banks, investment and financial institutions and individuals. We offer full advice on everything related to real estate, such as appraisals for applying for loans and mortgages, marital disagreements, legalization of wills, balance sheets for accounting purposes, acquisitions and disposals or disputes and expert testimony.
We offer appraisals on all types of properties such as:

RESIDENCIAL – includes villas and chalets, apartments, townhouses, rural properties, farms, urbanizations, land.

COMMERCIAL – commercial premises, offices, workshops, warehouses, restaurants, bars and other buildings for leisure.

Investments, Construction Projects and Land
Valuations and Estimates for Investments and Business.
Evaluation of Portfolios of Investments
Structure Expertise / Building Expertise
Defective Work Reports
Reports are presented in Spanish or English.

Additionally, at SpainForSale.Properties we have administrative and non-technical assistants, we collaborate with Spanish architects, engineers and other professionals in the real estate and complementary services sector. We strictly abide by the ethics and standards of RICS (UK) and the Spanish Association GIPE, and our appraisers and RICS experts are covered by the corresponding professional insurance. Reports are usually requested in English when dealing with British institutions and private banking clients, also if it is simply for personal use, including the building reports required by potential buyers.

The assessments or studies that may be required by Spanish banks, or those required in the case of disputes, by the courts, etc. Will always be requested in Spanish and must be done by a professional expert, according to the Spanish Regulation.

How much is your property worth? Get your FREE home market appraisal.

Valuation is considered as one of the most critical step to a variety of endeavors, including Real Estate financing, listing Real Estate For Sale, investment analysis, property insurance and the taxation of real estate.  The valuation process necessitates gathering much more information, from internal and / or external sources, as well as in-depth understanding of the market. An essential part of our business in offering properties for sale is to inspect the property and give the owner an exact idea, based on our long experience and extensive market knowledge, as to the real value of his property in the current market situation, as well as our consensus with respect to establishing the best asking price. Asking too much for a property means there is a real risk of not reaching the market place in the first instance. Asking too little may mean that the property gets sold for less than its actual market value. So, the goal of an appraisal is to determine the exact property’s market value:  the most probable price that the property will bring in a competitive and open market. A proper and thorough due diligence is pre-requisite to a successful real estate transaction.

Accurate real estate valuation is important to mortgage lenders, investors, insurers and buyers and sellers of real property. At SpainForSale.Properties, We have developed comprehensive guidelines and procedures on Valuation and appraisal of all types of real estate assets and portfolios, based on internationally recognised standards and procedures, incorporating both market research and financial analysis, where necessary. This means that when our clients receive our valuation report, they will be able to make informed decisions concerning their property assets. At all times, we act with integrity, independence and objectivity in our provision of prompt and impartial valuation, avoiding conflicts of interest and any actions or situations that are inconsistent with our professional ethics.

Getting an update on your property’s value can help you make better informed long-term decisions. In case you need it, SpainForSale.Properties performs a quick, informal Free Luxury Property For Sale in Marbella valuation of charge. Please, feel free to Contact Us, We are ready to help you, an expert from your local office will come to your home to provide the most accurate valuation and explain how we would best market your home in order to get you the best possible price.

Each bank usually has its own collaborators for these reports and will generally only accept the appraisals made by one of them. For any additional information you may need, please Contact Us:

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