Property in Spain For Sale, Seller’s Guide

Anyone wanting to sell a property for the best possible Price should not leave this to chance, but to an expert. Knowing how to sell a property is, unto itself, an art. If you decide to sell your Property in Spain, it is always advisable to count on the knowledge, support and experience of an leader Real Estate Agency, to look after your interests. SpainForSale.Properties has compiled a four-point checklist for anyone planning to put a Spanish home on the market today:

01.- Plan your sale. Decide if you are selling the property privately or if you want an agency do the work for you.
An agency will advise on the Property Price Valuation to advertise your property as they will have a better idea of the current market place and how to propertly market the property to sell it quicker and at a best price. Putting up a sign, telling everybody you’re selling, post it on the internet and get the buzz going advertisign it being creative.

02.- Energy Efficiency Certificate. The Owner of the building (or Owner of individual apartment units) acting as Seller or Landlord is responsible for commissioning the completion of the energy efficiency certificate.

03.- Get legal and tax advice and set a price. You will need to pay solicitor and notary costs; SpainForSale.Properties will help you with this. If you are not living in Spain you can give your solicitor ‘Power of Attorney’ which will save you a lot of time and money. A good Real Estate Agency can provide you with a list of solicitors.

04.- Ask professional home stagers for their top decor tips.

05.- When you get an offer. These days buyers make low offers but are usually prepared to discuss the price. Understand the offer and what it includes. Make sure it covers all your costs and that you are happy with the buyer’s situation. If you consider the offer is good enough: Sign the Arras/ Contracto private de compraventa (pre-agreement contract). Ensure it includes the agreed selling price, what’s included and the date for the final payment. Don’t forget to include conditions in the contract (e.g. financing, survey results, planning). Deposit is paid in Euros (usually 10%). When the arras is signed, a deposit will normally follow. If the buyer pulls out they will lose the deposit, and more importantly if you pull out you will have to pay twice the deposit back!
05.- Finalise the purchase and the sign the Escritura Publica (the deed). Make an appointment with the local notary to view the signing and register it at the Registro de la Propiedad. You are free to choose any Notary you want.

As a well-established Real Estate Agency, SpainForSale.Properties  offer everything a seller would expect. With an extensive buyer database, excellent connections with the global brokerage community, a thorough understanding of the market.. and we work hard to stand out with innovate marketing, structure methodology, we tailor our service to each client and remain agile, tailored strategies, leaving nothing to chance and reacting to an ever-changing marketplace with intelligent campaigns founded on up-to-the-minute market research.
You want to sell your property fast and at the best price? Tips:
– The price is the decisive factor. Offer your property at the lowest price you can afford. Don’t forget that it is the market that sets the price!.
– Do not put a reserve in the price so as you can reduce the price when bargaining, because it must be as attractive as possible!
– To be able to offer the best price, optimize your finances, so that you don’t have unexpected expences.
– If you can, offer the buyer a flexible payment plan.

– And last, most importantly… choose a real estate agency with an impeccable reputation which can guarantee you the best possible advertising of your property through all channels.SpainForSale.Properties  is a leader agency in Spain, especially on prime locations just as the Costa del Sol, Balearic Island, … We will represent you and do everything necessary to get the best deal through effective marketing and serious negotiations.

The Spanish property market is not at the best state at the moment, and you should not expect to sell a property both quickly and for a good price withouth the help of a leader Real Estate Agency. SpainForSale.Properties  offers an advertising package to those looking to sell their property in Spain.

With SpainForSale.Properties, you benefit from of years of Real Estate experience in the successful sale of exclusive properties and a global Real Estate Agencies network in the 5 continents providing access to a wide circle of potential international buyers. After all, your desire to achieve the best price for your property in the shortest amount of time is our top priority!

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