Holiday Homes License for short term rentals in Andalucia, Spain.

Holiday Homes License guide for rentals in Andalucia, Spain. A comprehensive guide to the short-term holiday rentals license regulations in Andalucia. To find the best Luxury Properties For Rent on the Costa del Sol, Spain,  please, take a look at our available portfolio. Properties For Sale on the Costa del Sol.

Holiday Rental License in Andalucia, Spain. | SpainForSale.Properties Real Estate.

Properties That Require A Holiday Rental License are required for all types of holiday properties including: apartments, studio apartments, villas, chalets, bungalows, and similar. A license is not required for properties for rents of more than 1-2 months.

What License do I need to register a property as a Holiday Home?

Andalusia has since April 2016 a regulation that regulates this activity and which currently governs this business. What are the requirements to be met and the steps to follow to register one of these accommodations? The possible changes that the Government poses for tourist homes have unleashed a flood of vacation apartment registrations in Andalucia. There are numerous questions from the owners about the current regulations, requirements and procedures.

These are some of the keys that you should know for your registration in the Andalusian Tourism Registry. Of course, there are several issues to be resolved before reaching the final process.

Can my home be used for tourist rental?

In accordance with Decree 28/2016, of February 2, on housing for tourist purposes and modification of Decree 194/2010, of April 20, on tourist apartment establishments (BOJA No. 28, of February 11, 2016 ), holiday rental flats are considered to be those that, located on residential land, offer the accommodation service as usual and for tourist purposes. That is, with marketing and promotion through the supply channels of this field, such as travel agencies, mediating or organizing companies and media that include the possibility of booking. In Andalusia they can be both complete homes, which means that they are fully transferred and their maximum capacity cannot exceed 15 places, or houses by rooms, in which the owner must reside in them and can not offer more than 6 seats. In both cases you can not exceed four seats per room.

What requirements must the property meet to get the holiday homes rental license?

Once the house adjusts to the parameters of housing for tourism purposes, the owner must now comply with the requirements set out in the Andalusian regulations to be able to exploit the property as a holiday rental. The first requirement is to have an occupancy license and comply with the required technical and quality conditions. Between them:

-The rooms will have direct ventilation to the outside or to patios and some system of darkening of the windows.

-The properties must be furnished and have the necessary appliances and equipment for immediate use.

-They have to have refrigeration by fixed elements in the rooms and rooms, when the period of operation includes the months from May to September. If the operating period is from October to April, both inclusive, they must have heating.

-It is necessary to provide homes for tourist use with a first aid kit and Complaint and Claim Sheets available to users and a sign indicating it in a visible place.

-They will also have a cleaning service at the entrance and exit of new customers.

-Also, it is obliged to provide travelers with tourist information about the area about leisure places, restaurants and cafeterias, shops and food stores, parking lots, medical services, urban transport, local map and entertainment guide.

-The regulations also include that holiday rental properties must have bed linen, lingerie and household items in general depending on the occupation of the home. It will also have a replacement game.

-The owners are obliged to provide users with a telephone number to attend and resolve immediately, any questions or incidents related to housing, as well as information on internal regulations regarding the use of facilities, dependencies and equipment housing, as well as the admission and existence of pets in the home or restrictions for smokers.

How to register the house to be able to allocate it to the holiday rental?

If the housing in question meets all these requirements, the fundamental step to start marketing it is to register it in the Andalusian Tourism Registry.

To do this, the first step is to formalize a responsible declaration in which it manifests compliance with the aforementioned requirements. The form corresponding to the Responsible Declaration for the access or exercise of the activity is of Tourism and Sports of the Board, within the Tourism Registry of Andalusia and in dwellings for tourist purposes. On the home page you must locate a box identified as ‘virtual office‘ where in ‘Area’ you have to select ‘tourism’ through the drop-down menu. Applying this filter will have access to the Responsible Declaration for the access or exercise of the activity and may begin to complete it.

Holiday Rental License in Andalucia, Spain. | SpainForSale.Properties.

Holiday Rental License in Andalucia, Spain. | SpainForSale.Properties.

Once this procedure has been resolved, the entry register in the Declaration will prove that it has complied with the obligation to present this Responsible Declaration, with which it can already provide the tourist accommodation service in your home in a regulated manner. Subsequently, you will receive a resolution by which you are registered in the Andalusian Tourism Registry and you will be assigned a code, such as VFT / MA / 00000. This signature means: VFT indicates that it is a dwelling for tourist purposes; MA will correspond to the first two letters of the province where the house is located; 00000 is a sequential order number. This code or signature must indicate it in any advertising or promotion that you carry out by any means, including online platforms. You can also carry out this procedure in person at the Tourism Office of Malaga, in the Andalusian Tourism Registry (Edif. Servicios Multiples. Avda. De la Aurora, s / n).

How much does it cost to register a home?

The presentation of this responsible statement is completely free and its presentation is essential whenever you go to rent your home on a regular basis and for tourism purposes. That is, when the house is marketed or promoted in tourist offer channels, as described above. Remember that in the case of exercising the activity without submitting this Responsible Declaration, your home will be considered clandestine, being classified as a serious infraction by article 71.1 of Law 13/2011, of December 23, on Tourism in Andalusia.

What documents are needed for the responsible declaration for a holiday license?

Although it is only mandatory to submit the Responsible Declaration form, to expedite the processing of your file, you can voluntarily attach the following documents, either on paper or in digital files if you process online:

  • Copy of the occupancy license or equivalent document (if you do not have it, check with your town hall).
  • Title for the exploitation of the house, that is, deed of ownership or assignment of use as housing for tourism purposes.
  • Copy of the IBI or other document that accredits the cadastral reference.
  • Certificate of registration of the owner of the home, if it is the type ‘by rooms’. If you do not provide this documentation, keep in mind that you will be required later by the Territorial Delegation of Culture, Tourism and Sports.

Once, your property have its holiday rental license you can start marketing it in specialized portals such as: Booking, Airbnb, ..

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