Interior Design tips.

Make your home better.

If you’ve just bought a new property on the Costa del Sol or you want to give your existing home a stylish new look, read this article with useful tips on how to make the most of the space you have and create a stunning bijou home.

There are a few really simple ways of maximising the impression of space.
We hope this has given you some ideas and inspiration for decorating your property. Remember that at SpainForSale.Properties we can offer you a wide range of properties on the Costa del Sol, many of which are waiting for you to give them a facelift and create a stunning modern home. Please contact us with your requirements and whether you’d like a refurbishment project. Be as specific as you can in terms of budget, space and area and we can give you a selection of properties which will suit.

Watch your colours.

Interior designers recommend using pastel tones and plenty of white, which bring more light into the room, as well as making the room feel much bigger

Make use of every space & storage solution.

Seats, beds, coffee tables and more can be used as highly useful storage stage to minimise clutter, just choose carefully so things are hidden and serve multiple purposes.

Interior Design tips. | SpainForSale.Properties.

Interior Design tips. | SpainForSale.Properties.

Glass or transparent furniture is a clever way to give a feeling of space, but beware if you have small children as glass tables can be very sharp, so Perspex could be a better choice.

Wall-mounted or built-in furniture are great space savers and they also give an organized look to the space. There are loads of clever storage solutions shared online about how to reuse furniture and give them new life, so check out YouTube for inspiration

If you have the luxury not to be overlooked, then the best idea is to leave your living area without curtains or shades, to let the maximum amount of light in possible

Choose the right furniture to fit the space, don’t choose a big bed or sofa, otherwise it will make everything look even smaller in comparison!

Use mirrors to create a sensation of space and width. They also reflect light to trick the eye into seeing the property as bigger and more light and airy than it actually is.

Last but not least is the lighting in the rooms which is very important. SpainForSale.Properties recommend using energy efficient bulbs and choosing the right bulbs and points of light such as lamps which will bring style as well as lighting the space well.

Latest bedroom paint colors grasp and latest bedroom colour schemes for modern bedrooms, new bed room color schemes paint ideas catalog 2015, purple, pink, brown, purple, green, blue, black and more bed room paint coloration schemes paints. Designer Andreas Charalambous brought in touches of brown tones to counterbalance the daring purple bedroom wall. In case you have your coronary heart set on a 4-poster bed but don’t wish to overwhelm a small master bedroom : Dark, skinny wooden offers a nice contrast against bright-white partitions with out consuming the area. Your bed room is just beautiful and the color you selected is ideal; it fits proper in with the opposite cooler colour families you like :). It’s so good to have a soothing, cozy spot to retreat to at the finish of the day (or anytime;)….Enjoy!

Please remember the fact that the chart was composed utilizing numerous sources of information ranging from professional to novice researchers, and it is certainly not an absolute and conclusive rationalization of orbs and the meanings of orb colors. Although the room is massive, the big triple window on one wall and 4 doorways within the room left little wall house for furniture.

Purple bed room colours are symbolic of spirituality, mystery, and intuition, while blues are often known as peaceable, heavenly shades. A master suite that’s properly decorated can be a place to chill out and find a peace of thoughts regardless of it being a spot for romantic retreat. I removed paneling and wallpaper as within the other rooms, and painted this wood with a light-weight, latex redwood stain.

I had simply acquired into mattress and switched off the light when a pair of brilliant glowing crimson eyes appeared within the corner of my bedroom. Maybe, this isn’t your first choice to your lounge, however do contemplate it for the person cave within the storage, within the basement or the spare bedroom. It was just a man’s head, as black as could possibly be, a strong head however all black, he turned to take a look at me and he was carrying a fedora hat from the 1940’s and he had glowing pink eyes!

If you are looking for but still havent bought your dream property in Marbella. Please, contact any of SpainForSale.Properties agents and We will be delighted to help you making the right decision!

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