The Top Design Trends in 2020, According to the best Designers.

Top designers reveal the trends that are big on the home front this year—plus those worth saying goodbye to.

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What is the secret to getting it just right and last forever? The interior decoration of a house or an apartment can be a tricky task. Not only are you looking to make your home interiors beautiful, but you also want it to be cosy, welcoming and last a lifetime. New interior decor trends tend to focus on beauty, comfort, elegance and the tricky bit – making it last a lifetime. Here are some modern, interior decoration ideas trending this year, that aspire to be trending for many more years to come.

Less Is More

The less is more concept has been a long tradition for the Japanese and Scandinavians alike. They certainly mastered the art of making every single space, design and object speak more than words ever could. Ironically, we have associated this style of decor with modernism. It is spacious, practical, bright and airy.

This style is all about what you can remove. All non-essentials shouldn’t be in the way. It is about organisation and priorities. You must be consistent with this process, and return to each room every few months and observe it with new eyes. It is about giving simplicity and minimalism the power to shine. Every surface remains clean and provides a special place to give every object its glorified value. Your home becomes a special place boasting comfort and elegance that stands the test of time.

This same concept focusses on quality over quantity. Remember it is the simple things in life, that last a lifetime. However, for it to last forever and provide the impact and beauty you so desire, it has to be top quality. Cheap does not come into play for this type of decor. Ironically, what you’re looking to do is invest in classics of the finest of quality.

These objects never go out of fashion and guarantee that your interest and love for them will remain over the years. Often within this highly modernistic decor, it is the classic details that bring in the warmth, the charm to deliver modern comfort. Choose the well-made pieces that are built to last, to withstand daily use.

Japandi – An Intricate Blend of Nordic and Japanese

The Scandinavian and Japanese have nailed it. They understand the concept of simplicity and minimalism and have mastered the genius of turning homes into warm, cosy and practical living spaces.

Japandi is the term used for interiors that combine the Nordic and Japanese approach to decor. Japandi is minimalist, simple, and functional. White is the colour that dominates the entire home. Natural wood and organic forms are prominent. These elements have been very influential for great Nordic and Japanese designers of the 50s and to this day are the main characteristics of any Japandi interior decor.

Another characteristic of Japandi are large, open spaces flooded by natural lighting. The furniture is simple with no extras, their design minimalistic and their form often influenced by nature. The genius is the ability to combine nature with tradition and modernism. Japandi also prioritises the practical and functional aspect of the living space. It is this balance between natural elements and traditional elements that turn this modern approach to interior decor into a warm and cosy home.

Your Personality

No home can feel like home without your personality shining through. The most marked trend in interior design and decoration has focused on the personalisation of spaces. Rather than completely relying on experts and letting them take over your entire decor, focus on enhancing the basics with your personality. That extra element is what makes your home special. Your home should not feel like any other home. People should feel that they have been welcomed into your space. That’s what makes it cosy and special.

Trust in you. This allows you to define the nuances of your style, helps you refine your aesthetic sensibility and trust your preferences rather than following the mainstream. For example, vintage fashion resurfaces, warm but at the same time modern environments, with simple lines and design elements that are inspired by nature.

The Play with Colour

Colour is a very important part of interior decorating. It sets the tone, creates atmosphere and is the basis to the look and feel of your home interiors. There are many options trending today, in line with the philosophy of delivering cosy, modern spaces that stand the test of time.

Black & White

This is a classic combination. White should be the dominant colour and black are the final touches, to contrast the white. It could be as simple as a black frame with a black and white image. Certain objects on the white furniture. Perhaps a black leather sofa in a bright and spacious, white living room. The black is there to add layers and form to the white.

Greys & Beige

These two colours are warm and blend in well with nature. They can easily create a cosy atmosphere as well as blend well with wood details and finishings. Often with this blend, we to focus on the colours of nature to add the layers. For example, a beautiful chocolate brown sofa with a gorgeous designer coffee table made of wood. There should always be large windows of sky lighting to fill the room with bright, natural lighting.

Touches of Bright Colours

Muted tones are the basics. They instil a sense of calm and warmth. However, it is always a good idea to add a touch of colour to liven up the place and give it its unique identity. Yellow shades provide a warmer look, while blue shades accentuate the decor, and can be used to enhance certain elements. When introducing colour, be sure to choose pure tones

that blend well with neutrals. These include earthy browns, blues and greens.

Natural Materials

Contact with nature is indispensable. Being able to marry natural elements into your decor, elevates the natural beauty of your decor and provides a sense of well-being. As humans wether, we live in concrete jungles or a more natural environment we need contact with heaven, earth, water and the elements of nature. It makes us feel fresh, relaxed and at peace with our environment. Your home needs to be your little haven. Mother nature is, after all, our ultimate nurturing mom.

The most obvious way of incorporating elements of nature within our home is through plants. Yet there are many other creative ways of incorporating natural elements into our living space. These include the use of stone, wood, seashells, containers with beach sand, wood or straw. You can even add photographs or murals of these elements.

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Natural fibres with different textures and designs such as wicker, rattan, hemp or jute are also an excellent option. You can choose these materials for your furniture or as decorative accessories including carpets, baskets or lamps to create a relaxing oasis in the comfort of your own home. Use natural floor coverings. Wood, cork or bamboo floors bring warmth and cosiness to your home.

Nature is appealing. It is a vital element to integrate into our daily lives. One of the newest trends in interior design is to decorate homes with floral, botanical or animal prints. There is nothing cosier than an armchair filled with cushions and a warm carpet. To complete the set, place a vase with beautiful flowers on a side table.

Stimulates the senses, using aromas of nature, including wood, incense or floral essences. The sounds of rain, wind or waves crashing on the seashore are widely used in luxury spas so that the body feels relaxed and in harmony with nature. You can use this same method at home. Finally, always choose ecological materials, in bedding, towels, cleaning products, and even paint. You will feel closer to nature, and the planet will thank you for it too.

Natural Lighting

There is no lighting as dramatic and beautiful as natural lighting. Let the sunshine into your home. Let it flood your home by placing light curtains that allow natural lighting through to transform space into a haven.

An open-plan dining/living room area is always best for apartments. It provides a more spacious, and luxurious feel. Lighting is key to the mood of your living area. Open windows to let the daylight in and also to refresh your space with the outdoors. Turn off the air conditioning from time to time and let in the breeze. As human beings, we need fresh air to feel alive and at peace.

If you can take advantage of stunning outdoors views, from your window, bring them to the forefront of your decor. Make them an integrated part of your daily life. No painting or man-made object can replace the beauty of nature. It’s a precious gift that deserves to be admired and loved.

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