Privacy Policy

SpainForSale.Properties takes the security and privacy of those of its clients and contacts about whom it holds personal information extremely seriously. We are committed to our users’ rights to privacy. We promise to share transparently all aspects of how the SpainForSale.Properties product and website work in regards to privacy, terms, and personal data, and we are in full support of efforts to ensure your protection online.

The following is a collection of information and resources to help answer any questions you have about your experience with SpainForSale.Properties. We’re grateful for your interest and proud to have you as a part of our community!

We are fully behind the spirit of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) for a safe and secure Internet. We aspire to embrace privacy by design and, whenever possible, to not collect and store personally-identifiable information.

Our Privacy Policy contains mentions of the few instances where personally-identifiable information is required. Typically this will include an email address in order to log in to SpainForSale.Properties or a social network username in order to manage your account.

Overall, we aim for privacy by default: if data collection is not integral to the way our product works, then we won’t collect it. This approach has felt very much in line with the spirit of GDPR, and we’re fortunate that a lot of these data collection practices have been in place at Buffer for some time. As such, you may see few banners or forms requesting consent for us to collect personally-identifiable information for tracking or other purposes. We don’t deem this information necessary to provide SpainForSale.Properties’s service to you, and we choose not to engage in activities and strategies that make this data relevant.

At any time, you may request your information to be exported and sent to you for review, and we promptly honor any requests by you to have your information deleted and forgotten.

Contact Forms.

Your contact details entered when using the Contact Forms on this website will be used solely to attend to your request and/or to subscribe you to SpainForSale.Properties newsletters as you have indicated in your request.


All of the personal data which is contained in emails you send to  SpainForSale.Properties via the email addresses published will be used to contact you, and to furnish you with the information you have requested. If you subscribe to our newsletter you email address entered will be used only to subscribe you to our newsletters.


SpainForSale.Properties makes use of cookies to save the details of users last property search. We do this to offer users the ability to easily repeat the same search on future visits to the SpainForSale.Properties website.

Users Rights.

All users has the right to request that we delete or modify their personal data. Users who wish to inquire about the right to be forgotten will be able to reach out to us at any time.


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